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About Xray Instructional Programs

Xray Instructional Programs (XIP) is an approved school of Xray technology through the Tennessee Department of Health. Our school's instruction is appropriate for students that will be seeking licensure from any of the states or territories. XIP has been in operation since 1998. Being an approved school can only be maintained by the continued success of its students. With our students' exemplary performance on State exams we maintain our continued success. Our students' success on the licensing exams are a result of the high quality and experience of our faculty. By following the required curriculum, maintaining the high level of instruction, and using proven prep methods, our students have continued to be successful.

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                                       Course Start Dates 2019

                                       Core                         August 24

                                       Chest                       Sept. 21

                                       Extremities             Oct. 5

                                       Spine                         Nov. 2

                                       Skull/Sinus               Nov. 23

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