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                            Career Value Enhancement

A number of medical related professions require persons to obtain a state license to be permitted to practice in their state legally. Xray Technology is one of those. Professions requiring a state license are essentially those that cover duties where licensees have obtained the necessary skills to benefit clients (patients) and equally as important the knowledge to minimize any harm that may arise from treatments or procedures. Without exception, these professions require mandated education and training to meet the necessary standards of each profession.

Many of our students are persons that come from other medical professions. They are seeking to add to their credentials to improve their clinic's capabilities. Since Xray Technology is one of the licensed medical professions, it, as well as the others, command enhanced salaries since their skills are specialized and often rare.


In some cases individuals might not be able to attend their desired courses due to personal financial constraints. In their consideration we have initiated a payment plan whereby these students may attend classes. We call it our "Pay-as-you-Go" Plan. Each student's course needs are different. When we know the courses a student wants and needs we will customize a plan specific for them whereby they may "Pay-as-you-Go."